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5th March 2012

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AKB48 suicide prevention CM

Takahashi Minami’s message

“Please be courageous enough to be hated.”

This was what Mr. Akimoto said to me on my birthday via text message. We just have to believe in ourselves and move forward!


Shinoda Mariko’s message

“The headwind won’t last forever.”

I was told this when I talked to my mother. Even when you’re going through painful events, if you think to yourself, these nasty things won’t last forever, you can overcome it.


Itano Tomomi’s message

“[I’m on] Tomo’s side!”

There were painful times since when I joined AKB48…… This was what my mama told me then. I was happy [to hear it]!


Kitahara Rie’s message

“We’re on your side no matter what happens.”

Local friends have told me this when I had to move to Tokyo. [I thought,] If I have these words, it would be fine even when I’m by myself in Tokyo. Although I’m not alone anymore…


Yokoyama Yui’s message

“I love how you’re working hard.”

I was told this by fellow member Takahashi Minami. When I thought that there were people watching me [with interest], I was able to gain courage!

Personally I think they should play River or Beginner. Keibetsu is related to the topic but it’s too depressing to cheer anyone up. Those are their one of their strongest motivation songs. At least it’s nice to see them addressing the situation. Suicide in Asia is too sad…

I loved the message of the Takahashi Minami <3

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